Welcome to HansonCMG

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Built in a creative, fun, and idea driven environment,our goal is for our clients to enjoy the transformation into new technology.

Note from founder:


I built HansonCMG on the principle that your online and mobile presence should not just reflect your business, but reflect your personality and what you represent.  That personality can be fun-loving, joking, and out-going or very serious and professional.  Too often there is a disconnect between the real world and the digital world.  Since we’ve seen enough episodes of Catfish, we want to make sure your online presence matches up with what you represent.  This is why we make our clients part of the process, and part of the brainstorming sessions.  In my eyes the process should be enjoyable from start to finish.



Our team puts our minds with yours to create the best solution possible.  Our brainstorming is dynamic and reaches throughout the entire process to get to the best conclusion.

Simple, Elegant & Useable


Technology grows fast and furious. It has become more complex and it is our role to make it simple for you and ultimately your end-user.



We focus on the details of design and add that in to a quality crafted piece for your consumer to use. Some call us crazy but we go as far as to write down each color code for your project so that every color matches to perfection.



We take care of that little thing that not many people quite understand, coding. To us, it’s fun, and for your customer it’s not about the engine that runs it but the product that is delivered. We only hire the best with our name on the line.