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Your business, your passion, and our combined vision to bring vibrant life to your Online Presence.

How can we transform your online presence to exceptional modernized standards?


Let’s be honest here.  none of us have the time to do everything and as a business owner our focus is always on servicing our current clients and gaining new ones in the process!  That in itself is a full time job.  Many times “other” parts of the business fall to the wayside despite having that intern you hired for a few bucks that is overwhelmed in the real world.  The first thing to be forgotten ironically enough, is your best tool to gain new clients… your “Online Presence”.


Your “Online Presence” is a combination of website, social media (LinkedIn counts!), email campaigns, and overall marketing material used on these platforms.  You may not even realize you’re losing sales because of a poor online presence, but in fact most people you meet will search and vet out your company online without you ever know it.  It’s time to turn the one “hole” in your business and flip it into a your top asset!

Our 4 step approach to a powerful & effective Online Presence

1. Online Presence Evaluation


Over a 2-week time period I will personally work with you and do my own expert research to evaluate your online presence.  You will be given a full 3-4 page evaluation with suggested actions and a followup overview in week 3.

2. Prioritize Strategies


The next step in our partnership is to prioritize the suggested actions from your “Online Presence Evaluation” based on budget, time, impact and necessity.

3. Implementation of Strategies


Once we have prioritized our action items/strategies, my team and I will implement the upgrades.  I will work personally with you, throughout, to consult on strategies and implementation to maximize effectiveness of plan.

4. Advising & Continued Implementation

Consulting is an essential part of the process from Day 1 but at this point we have a strategy, have begun implementation of primary elements and now it’s time to learn how to use your brand new “online presence” to grow your business!

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