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Safe, secure, and friendly communications with your citizens.

What can we do for your town or city?


Government is big business with a vast number of customers to satisfy, more employees than the average Fortune 500, and a tremendous amount of real estate to oversee and manage.  Our role is to come in and satisfy at least one if not both of the first two on that list.  We work with your government to streamline communications to citizens and employees through a safe, secure, and easy to use Mobile App.  It sounds logical but the average citizen has up to 10 ways to check the weather or area closings alone!  Now add in local emergencies, events, and public transportation schedules .  We take that headache away and put it all into one area online and on their Mobile device.

Web Development

Web Development

We develop and upkeep your website to ensure that all information is up-to-date, correct and links to important information.
Mobile App

Mobile App

We work with you to create a Mobile App that streamlines your town onto a mobile device.  Check out below to learn more…
Data Infrastructure

Data Infrastructure

We have partnered with Consolidated Computing to bring towns and cities server solutions that connect employees and databases.  Our goal is to save you money and create an infrastructure that is modern and works for your town, not against it.

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