Mobile & Web Commerce

Why Go Digital?

I don’t need to tell you to look around to see the importance of the internet. If you are reading this, then, well you are using the internet and checking out our website. You might be checking out our Facebook next or attending our next webinar. This is exactly what people are doing to you and a major component to whether they decide to work with you/buy your product or move on to the next person/person. It is very important to provide a sound online experience and it all starts wit your website. It is your “home” online and in some cases your “store”. There are no shortcuts and is why we have created s a special section on our website just for this component to your online presence.

Bring your business online and to Mobile devices.

We work with you to analyze your current business and brainstorm the best way to translate that to an online commerce solution.  It can be as simple as an e-book with your great ideas or a full membership website and Mobile App designed to grow big!  One thing we won’t do is just accept the first idea and build (unless it’s just that great!).  We will always put our brains together to come up with an even greater idea that sometimes is even simpler and lower cost.  It’s important to us that you succeed.  Think about it, we get a happy customer that stays with us, tells other people, and gives us a great portfolio item!

e-Commerce & e-Books

Web commerce isn’t just for the Macy’s and Amazon’s of the world.  We help make it right for you.  We have provided our customers with services including:

  • Transform your pdf file into an online book
  • Sell products through their own online store
  • Create a membership site for monthly revenue
  • Work with suppliers to make you a reseller of their product
  • Affiliate programs designed to make you money

Within these projects a lot of fun, creative ideas come out in the process that makes the final product utilize components our clients never dreamed of (or us, for that matter).  The final product becomes a culmination of ideas that come together to make our client money, and proud owners of a beautiful online presence.

Webinars & Blogs

You have a loyal customer base, check.  You have a great product that garners new loyal customers, check.  Your business is successful online, check.  Now you are ready to jump feet first into the world of Mobile Commerce, more specifically Mobile Apps.  It’s your time to bring your business to the fingertips of your customers on their Smartphone or Table.  The major companies have all done, but now it’s time for businesses with loyal customers to give them the same experience and earn more revenue per customer.  We build you an App that simplifies the buying experience and allows you to send out rewards and flash sales to your loyal App users equaling more frequent buys.  We will work directly with you on layouts, and how to correctly engage the customer!