Components of your Online Presence

Your Online Presence is your image to the world.  Does your Online Presence reflect the effort and passion you put into your business.

We understand creating a powerful and modern online presence is overwhelming and requires constant attention as technology changes, new online outlets emerge, and new kinds of customers consume your content.  We’ve solved the hard part for you.  We have a detailed “road map” ready for you to follow, executed by other partners of ours.  We get you on course and provide you the GPS for effectively navigating this path to the finish line.  Effective being the operative word; finish line being the destination – an online presence that reflects the effort and passion you put into your business.

Cohesive Design


Have you ever looked at someones outfit and just thought, “wow, that doesn’t match!”? Ever been to a house that just feels random and chaotic in it’s design? Well, the same thing happens online to businesses. Many times each component of your online presence can seem incohesive and and unattached from each other to your audience. Our goal is to create the “Apple effect” for you. What is the “Apple effect”? Ever noticed that every single component of Apple’s brand and image look and feel identical or complement each other perfectly? It may be so perfect, that you may barely notice it. This was Steve Jobs’ finest contribution to Apple and it all started with the image he showed in public, and followed all the way through to every single interaction you had with an Apple product. We do the same for you.

Website Experience


Your website can either make or break any potential transaction. It is the face of your business and the first place most potential customers will visit before making a decision. Enough said. Do you want to leave your success to chance?

Effective & Unified Social Media


Social media is no longer just Facebook and Twitter. It also isn’t the other 25+ platforms out there. Social media is most effective when utilized in combination with your overall marketing strategy enhancing and reinforcing your message. Now you don’t need to go crazy and place content everywhere online just because a friend told you to! Just the opposite.
We help you choose the best outlets to reach your audience, and perfect your strategy. Better be great on a few platforms, than sub-par on all of them!

Blogs & Webinars


Content is king. You may have heard it before but it is truer now than it ever has been. With competition at an all time high, and small businesses sprouting up every day, how do you differentiate yourself? We work with you to create a blog that informs and inspires people to look to you as the expert in your industry. We can then utilize webinars (public & private) to enhance this connection and make efficient use of your time while sitting in the comfort of your own home!

Email Campaigns


Now that you have a blog with great content, and a website that you’re proud, it’s time to get the message out! First, let’s build that email list. Second, we use a consistent and appropriate approach to email campaigns to keep your audience informed and interested in what you have to say. We help you construct these emails through methods proven by our clients and best practices in your industry.