Our Projects

What’s in the works?

We allow ourselves to have a little fun once in awhile and come up with our own ideas.


Every once in awhile we come up with our ideas that we think can make an impact or fill a certain need in the world.  Our ideas seem to always stem from that one moment that you say to yourself, “there has to be a better way”.  Below are some projects of ours that we have brought to market or are in production…


(in production)

APPTHISLIFE is currently developing its TeamAPP designed to manage teams, leagues and tournaments from your mobile device. It’s time to get past the running around and chaos of organized sports and transform your team, tournament or league into a well-oiled, mobile-driven machine. Our goal is to make your life easier, whether you are on the bench as a manager, in the stands watching your child, or the man upstairs overseeing it all! Check out the preview of our App below and get excited for the upcoming season!


Create your own groups.  Follow groups of your friends or influencers in your market.  Send a quick hello in the morning or a full video blog with our premium upgrade.  Tired of playing phone tag?  Leave quick voice messages so that you can get back to each other on your own time.  Want to set up an event?  Use our event feature to set up meetings or events to sync to your calendar.  Easy click responses allow you to be notified instantaneously when someone decides to attend (or not).  Download FastRe today and follow #OfficialFastRe to get started.

CollegeLogic is an interactive online college advising service designed to help a family quickly get started in the college process with valuable, actionable information. Based on responses to our questions, the student-family will receive a personalized college list, detailed college timeline, and a complete analysis of the colleges; all within a matter of hours.


Reach out to us and partner up with us on our own projects!