Sports Apps

Why Go Digital?

APPTHISLIFE is currently developing its TeamAPP designed to manage teams, leagues and tournaments from your mobile device. It’s time to get past the running around and chaos of organized sports and transform your team, tournament or league into a well-oiled, mobile-driven machine. Our goal is to make your life easier, whether you are on the bench as a manager, in the stands watching your child, or the man upstairs overseeing it all! Check out the preview of our App below and get excited for the upcoming season!


Run your Team.

APPTHISLIFE was founded by a former Professional Athlete and our first App was FastRe, an advanced communication App, so it just made sense to combine the two!  As Athletes and Coaches, we both know how crazy it can be to run a team not just during the season but in the offseason as well.  Emails get lost, phone calls get missed, and texts interfere with your life as a coach or manager of a team.  Why not eliminate that with a Mobile App that puts all of your team information in one spot on your team’s phones.  We work together to decide how long you need the App for, how many teams, and what information needs to be implemented/who will keep it updated.  This keeps costs in perfect line with your budget and your needs.

Run your tournament/League

We’ve all coached, were a parent, or ran a tournament in which it was chaos from the first second to the final trophy.  Our tournament Apps are designed to give participants exactly what they need in the palm of their hands:

  • Schedules
  • Standings
  • Rosters
  • Field Directions
  • Weather
  • Plus ways for you to make money!

This is all in your Mobile App.  Even better, together we can get your advertisers in the App or local businesses can list their address in the “Around us” tab.  Think about this, the local pizza place can be the “Official Pizza Restaurant” of your tournament and participants can easily click “Around us” and get GPS to that restaurant!